Drew Kuehner - Vocals/Guitar

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Music has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I started playing music in a praise band at church in high school. I started out on the bass and back up vocals in the group that my brother led. I was opened up to a whole new part of my life after high school. 
    I continued to further myself in music at the University of Alabama where I majored in social life. I played acoustic gigs anywhere and everywhere I could. I did many duos and trios with friends just for fun, and we covered just about any song you'd wanna hear. As I grew up, both in age and musical experience, I learned my true desire was to write my own stuff. I dabbled in the singer/songwriter scene for a little while, but still wasn't quite where I wanted to be. 
    After some time back home, I started playing with a buddy of mine a little more seriously than before. I continued searching for the right group of guys to create the music I could be proud of. I found them! I enjoy playing live music, surfing, and sitting around on a Sunday shooting the breeze. If you're ever at a show, come up and say hello. I love to meet new people, and talk about life.

Success begins with a decision to move forward.

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