Brad Kuehner - Vocals/Percussion

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No, Drew and I are not related, we just have similar looks and the same unique last name… (And it is pronouned keen-er, btw)

I was exposed to a lot of great 80's rock in the back of my dad's car as I grew up, and whether I liked it or not, music got in my soul… I have been playing the drums since I was 14, and I have been singing all of my life-in a band, in church or in choir.  I even majored in performance percussion at UAB. I have been in multiple bands (some as the drummer and some as the singer and some as both) varying in styles from punk to southern rock to metal and everything in between. 

Though I swore it would never happen, I moved back to Birmingham in 2007, leaving an awesome band behind in Georgia to follow my wife (sappy, right?). But without her, I am not sure I would even be alive… and I sure wouldn’t have the third and most amazing joy in my life, my sons Van and Max (the other two joys being my wife and music, of course). In 2008, Drew asked me to take some pictures of his cover acoustic duo, “Chasing Saturday”, which led to me filling in for them on drums when they needed a full band, and from whose ashes “Atticus Avenue” was born! From the beggining, writing music that we all love and that can reach people young and old has been our goal, so keep your ears to the ground for our new and upcoming tunes!

I draw inspiration from everything musical and… everything else. Creating and writing music are the outlets for the purpose in my life. Being in a band with my little brother and a long-time friend and bass player has allowed us to draw upon those synergistic forces and create music in an in tune way. I love to play and/or jam and will take advantage of any and every chance I get to do so, regardless of genre or instrument. I don’t know what it is about performing, but when I see others get into the music, it draws better music out of me. 

That means I can’t play to my potential if you don’t come see us!

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