Billy Rigdon - Vocals/Bass

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Hello there, I am the bass player for this little entourage. I recently finished paying my dues in Auburn, and have since moved back to the 'Ham. I've played bass with a lot of different folks, but every session with these guys is refreshing (to the ears, at least.  It is a bit pungent to the nose, though). I started playing with Brad in 1998; as far back as when his drums got sold and my bass got stolen… a long and sad story…

Since acquiring different gear, we have been on a melodic mission to bring harmony to your evenings for your listening pleasure. I enjoy many different genres of music and have been influenced by so many different people... far too many to bore you with a list. Music is a central part of my life, but God and family are what got me to this point. I hope you can can come out to see us some time, and if you like what hear, high-fives are always welcome; if you don't like what you hear then earplugs are always an option :-)!

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